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Goggles with short hair by IronBatMaiden91 Goggles with short hair :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 9 27 #CNNBlackmail by IronBatMaiden91 #CNNBlackmail :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 3 6
Some Real Truth for Davy Jones
Me: So that's what happened. That was really shitty of her to no-show after a freaking decade!
Davy Jones: Aye lass. Shitty enough to make me cut my own heart out.
Me: you shouldn't let one woman do that to you.
Davy Jones: what would a young lass like you know about heartbreak? Do ye even know the pain that's involved?
Me: I do actually. I had my heart broken by my first love. We were together for 2 1/2 years and he decided to break it off. I'm scared to death to get into another relationship and I even got to a point where I couldn't feel any kind of romantic feelings anymore.
Davy Jones: Ahhh. A first love. That'll do it.
Me: I understand what it's like, Jones. It sucks. But with that said, I won't let a man drive me to rip my heart out. And you shouldn't let a woman drive you to do that to yourself.
Davy Jones: You're right, young lass. I shouldn't let that damnable woman get the better of me. Besides, from what you told me, that boy wasn't worth your time anyways. I mean, he used
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 2 7
Commission: Agent-Eli by IronBatMaiden91 Commission: Agent-Eli :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 3 7
Mature content
Alone time :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 8 16
Something There
There's something there.
I don't know what it is, but it's there.
I find myself staring into your eyes as you're talking,
I find that you look away after a while.
I want to know more about your journey.
When I'm with you, I feel a certain chemistry.
It's like a magnet. There's no explaining.
Especially when I think about you and my heart starts racing.
It's too soon to tell if I have feelings for you,
But I want to know more about you.
There are no words that can convey this,
But there's something there between us.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 6 3
Numb Once Again
The winter in my heart has returned.
I'm done with the fires of love, only to be burned.
There is a small part of me that holds hope,
But the rest of me quashes it telling it, "nope."
What's the point if I just keep getting hurt?
I'm already oblivious when you try to flirt.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 3 4
I come in peace by IronBatMaiden91 I come in peace :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 12 18 Blue Belle Dress by IronBatMaiden91 Blue Belle Dress :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 4 13 Updated version of my 90s outfit  by IronBatMaiden91 Updated version of my 90s outfit :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 10 20 Narcissism at its finest by IronBatMaiden91 Narcissism at its finest :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 13 23 Beauty and the Beast Dress by IronBatMaiden91 Beauty and the Beast Dress :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 14 39 Avatar by IronBatMaiden91 Avatar :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 4 2 Chula 2001-2017 by IronBatMaiden91 Chula 2001-2017 :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 16 17
Wake up, Sisters!
We once had a movement for the betterment of women,
But it's been watered down and defanged because of neoliberalism.
Now there is no solidarity,
Leaving us disconnected with the rest of womanity.
We have to learn to put ourselves and each other first.
Because otherwise we'll just continue to be put on the back burner
The neoliberal left has become just like the right.
Anyone who dares disagree, they will gaslight.
They're even taking away the ability to define what a woman is.
Which is also affecting lesbians.
Wake up, sisters! Let's unite!
Especially under this rule, we're gonna need to fight!
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 4 20
Never Her
I want a woman president some day,
But I don't want Her.
I want a strong female leader who has the country's best interest at heart,
But it's not Her.
I want someone who will move us forward and not be beholden to big corporate interests.
This is why I was never with Her.
She would've been a disgrace to any self respecting woman. She doesn't represent me. She threw other women under the bus.
This is why I was never with Her.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 6 13


My top 10 favorite vampires by NightmareOnElmStFan My top 10 favorite vampires :iconnightmareonelmstfan:NightmareOnElmStFan 11 18 Selene Underworld Fan Stamp by VampireHelenaHarper Selene Underworld Fan Stamp :iconvampirehelenaharper:VampireHelenaHarper 4 0 Selene (Underworld) by NiKcKu Selene (Underworld) :iconnikcku:NiKcKu 142 15 Lovestruck Amy sketches by laqb Lovestruck Amy sketches :iconlaqb:laqb 33 6 Amy is lovestruck by laqb Amy is lovestruck :iconlaqb:laqb 34 13 #CNNBlackmail. by 9rium74-79 #CNNBlackmail. :icon9rium74-79:9rium74-79 4 0 Thicc Sticks by Kojiro-Brushard Thicc Sticks :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 1,095 100 Contest Entry // Maria, Abraham and Gerald by SiIent-AngeI Contest Entry // Maria, Abraham and Gerald :iconsiient-angei:SiIent-AngeI 86 18 Juuban Gakuen by DarthTepes Juuban Gakuen :icondarthtepes:DarthTepes 50 24 Shadow the Scarecrow_Doodle by Ila-Mae Shadow the Scarecrow_Doodle :iconila-mae:Ila-Mae 44 6 Nurses by dreamcircuit
Mature content
Nurses :icondreamcircuit:dreamcircuit 42 5
Enter:Cherry! by MantelFungus Enter:Cherry! :iconmantelfungus:MantelFungus 34 13 A kind of humor by RoxyJoker A kind of humor :iconroxyjoker:RoxyJoker 86 46 Wonderbat by jadenwithwings
Mature content
Wonderbat :iconjadenwithwings:jadenwithwings 87 6
Don't... Touch me. by StarrdustCrusader Don't... Touch me. :iconstarrdustcrusader:StarrdustCrusader 207 14

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In case you're wondering, most of my recent activity has been on Instagram lately. I go by GreenPartyRadfemXX. The reason I won't post it here is because I know there's more people who don't like gender critical thought here.
Aggghhhh!! No. More. Shopping!! I haven't bought anything, but I'm constantly browsing! I need to stop!!
TFW you want to place an employee order for some product, but you can't because you're on a budget. Feels bad man.
Fuck student loans! I'm almost under $20k in student debt, but goddamn! They suck!


United States
I am IronBatMaiden. I've been making fan art and fanfiction for over 10 years now. I want to get into product design one day so I can make all the cool merchandise the fans love for their respective fandoms. :) and when I do, I want to ensure the best quality is delivered.
Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!!



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