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Two scarred hearts  by IronBatMaiden91 Two scarred hearts :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 8 9 Commission: TyManTY914 by IronBatMaiden91 Commission: TyManTY914 :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 13 15
The Next Chapter
I woke up this morning and checked my phone, seeing that I got a message from you.
That’s weird. It was totally out of the blue.
At first you seem hesitant, but i couldn’t leave it alone. I was ready for the ultimate roast.
I tell you if a song that made me think of you.
It was a diss track. One that I had wanted to actually sing to you!
You admit you were wrong, but I’m not done yet.
I let you have it and unleashed the fury on you!
You give me the answers I wanted and I throw a few jabs.
You apologize and I say I forgive you. Even if I am a little shady about it.
Everything was aired out and suddenly, I don’t want you back.
I told you the things I wanted that I found were lacking.
Thank you for giving me closure.
Most men don’t have the decency to do that.
In my life, I can begin a new Chapter. A new adventure.
But please be sure to remain faithful to her.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 1 0
I go to the places we used to and feel a tinge of pain.
Knowing that those times will never happen again.
It’s foolish to think otherwise.
I looked at the church doors, hoping I’d see you tonight.
I kept peering over my shoulder, hoping for just one more night.
It’s foolish to think otherwise.
I can now have my own adventures because of you.
So in that regard, I thank you.
Maybe our paths will cross again someday.
But that might be foolish to think it would happen.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 4 4
But were objectifying women by IronBatMaiden91
Mature content
But were objectifying women :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 3 29
Hypocrisy at its finest  by IronBatMaiden91
Mature content
Hypocrisy at its finest :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 10 11
Underworld Crossover by IronBatMaiden91 Underworld Crossover :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 6 11 Iron Bat Maiden symbol  by IronBatMaiden91 Iron Bat Maiden symbol :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 4 6 Goggles with short hair by IronBatMaiden91 Goggles with short hair :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 9 27 #CNNBlackmail by IronBatMaiden91 #CNNBlackmail :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 3 6
Some Real Truth for Davy Jones
Me: So that's what happened. That was really shitty of her to no-show after a freaking decade!
Davy Jones: Aye lass. Shitty enough to make me cut my own heart out.
Me: you shouldn't let one woman do that to you.
Davy Jones: what would a young lass like you know about heartbreak? Do ye even know the pain that's involved?
Me: I do actually. I had my heart broken by my first love. We were together for 2 1/2 years and he decided to break it off. I'm scared to death to get into another relationship and I even got to a point where I couldn't feel any kind of romantic feelings anymore.
Davy Jones: Ahhh. A first love. That'll do it.
Me: I understand what it's like, Jones. It sucks. But with that said, I won't let a man drive me to rip my heart out. And you shouldn't let a woman drive you to do that to yourself.
Davy Jones: You're right, young lass. I shouldn't let that damnable woman get the better of me. Besides, from what you told me, that boy wasn't worth your time anyways. I mean, he used
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 2 7
Commission: Agent-Eli by IronBatMaiden91 Commission: Agent-Eli :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 4 7
Mature content
Alone time :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 8 16
Something There
There's something there.
I don't know what it is, but it's there.
I find myself staring into your eyes as you're talking,
I find that you look away after a while.
I want to know more about your journey.
When I'm with you, I feel a certain chemistry.
It's like a magnet. There's no explaining.
Especially when I think about you and my heart starts racing.
It's too soon to tell if I have feelings for you,
But I want to know more about you.
There are no words that can convey this,
But there's something there between us.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 6 3
Numb Once Again
The winter in my heart has returned.
I'm done with the fires of love, only to be burned.
There is a small part of me that holds hope,
But the rest of me quashes it telling it, "nope."
What's the point if I just keep getting hurt?
I'm already oblivious when you try to flirt.
:iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 3 4
I come in peace by IronBatMaiden91 I come in peace :iconironbatmaiden91:IronBatMaiden91 13 18


Moana Mermaid by AriellaMay Moana Mermaid :iconariellamay:AriellaMay 139 19 Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 2 page 8 by SuperSentaiHedgehog Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 2 page 8 :iconsupersentaihedgehog:SuperSentaiHedgehog 32 2 Sun, surf and a Sexy Sensei by Ryu-Amio
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Sun, surf and a Sexy Sensei :iconryu-amio:Ryu-Amio 26 29
Photo Filter Mah Boi by TheHylianHaunter Photo Filter Mah Boi :iconthehylianhaunter:TheHylianHaunter 12 7 Happy day of dead by nancher Happy day of dead :iconnancher:nancher 802 49 Real Genius? Nope. by EnforcerWolf Real Genius? Nope. :iconenforcerwolf:EnforcerWolf 63 26 My top 10 favorite vampires by NightmareOnElmStFan My top 10 favorite vampires :iconnightmareonelmstfan:NightmareOnElmStFan 11 18 Selene Underworld Fan Stamp by VampireHelenaHarper Selene Underworld Fan Stamp :iconvampirehelenaharper:VampireHelenaHarper 4 0 Selene (Underworld) by NiKcKu Selene (Underworld) :iconnikcku:NiKcKu 144 15 Lovestruck Amy sketches by laqb Lovestruck Amy sketches :iconlaqb:laqb 35 6 Amy is lovestruck by laqb Amy is lovestruck :iconlaqb:laqb 36 13 #CNNBlackmail. by 9rium74-79 #CNNBlackmail. :icon9rium74-79:9rium74-79 4 0 Thicc Sticks by Kojiro-Brushard Thicc Sticks :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 1,366 117 Contest Entry // Maria, Abraham and Gerald by SiIent-AngeI Contest Entry // Maria, Abraham and Gerald :iconsiient-angei:SiIent-AngeI 93 18 Juuban Gakuen by DarthTepes Juuban Gakuen :icondarthtepes:DarthTepes 52 24 Shadow the Scarecrow_Doodle by Ila-Mae Shadow the Scarecrow_Doodle :iconila-mae:Ila-Mae 48 6

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Two scarred hearts
This is something I just made for me and my new boyfriend. We both have scars on our hearts, but it doesn’t mean that two scarred hearts can never fall for each other. They usually understand each other.
Commission: TyManTY914
This commission is for :icontymanty914: I’m so so sorry this piece took so long! This year has been crazy!!

This is his character that he wanted me to draw. So here it is.
And now it begins. The Christmas season! Prepare yourselves. Shopping madness is coming.

The holidays are coming and this is not helping with my shopping addiction!!
I waited a while to talk about it here, but I got a new boyfriend!! I waited to make sure I wasn’t rebounding. And tbh, when my ex reached out to me to give me closure, it hit the fast forward button on recovery. And this new person I’m with us actually someone I’ve been friends with for 2 years. He recently realized he had feelings for me. I wasn’t sure what to think at first and I told him I needed time. I really thought about it and realized that the things I was missing with my ex were things that I had with my best guy friend (now boyfriend) the whole time. And why I didn’t see it before shows how blinded by my ex’s looks I was lol. We got together officially on Halloween and it was a perfect dark romance.


United States
I am IronBatMaiden. I've been making fan art and fanfiction for over 10 years now. I want to get into product design one day so I can make all the cool merchandise the fans love for their respective fandoms. :) and when I do, I want to ensure the best quality is delivered.
Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!!



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