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I originally heard about it on an article by the Huffington Post on Pinterest. It was touted as some groundbreaking, "body positive" song.

I thought, "okay. I'll have a look at it." Now, if you know me, I try to listen to the lyrics when I listen to the song to understand its deeper meaning. That's what I had in mind when I clicked on it. I wanted to see if it was really body positive.

I found that to be false and I'm gonna list my reasons why.

1) It only talks about one body type and puts down another. What the hell is that!? Body positivity includes all body types! Not just one!! Remember how there were all these pics on the internet about skinny vs "curvy" (read: fat)? Well, each of them would put the other down and say "this is hotter than that." It would go both ways and even other body types were brought into it. Including my shape.

My main beef with that whole thing is that the word "curvy" was usurped and bastardized into describing something it was never meant to describe. The word curvy is supposed to refer to a curved waist, breasts, hips and a butt. Not fat rolls. Now, before you think in fat-shaming, let me stop you right there. I'm not. I don't use fat as an insult. Hell, even some plus-size girls are coming out with their campaigns, referring to themselves as "fat." They just don't care that they're fat. And neither do I. If they want feel good about themselves, fine. But please, for the love of God! Do not usurp the word "curvy" to refer to yourself if you are not curvy. Please.

But now, my main beef with those campaigns is the fact that there was (and still is) this back and forth battle about "real women." No! No! No! Just stop! Anyone who identifies as female, whether they're cis-female or trans-female, are female! That's it!!

2) My second problem with this song is the fact that they use men to validate that they are pretty. It was saying how "boys like a little booty."

Now, I kind of get where this is coming from, but at the same time, it's still a fail. Wanna know why?

a) it's heterosexist. It's assuming all girls who wanna feel good about themselves are heterosexual. Some are LGBT!!

b) even if you are heterosexual, you should not be seeking validation from the opposite sex. Not should you seek it from whatever gender(s) you're attracted to.

3) My final reason I don't like it is because I just don't like the score (or is it just called music?) nor do I like the singing!
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I'm LadyIronBat, just call me Lady for short. I love being here on dA looking at the different art, reading fanfiction and fan comics, and the people here are pretty cool. I hope to be a fashion designer one day.

Until then, I just practice practice practice.

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