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Normally, most remakes suck, but this was actually good!

Sure, Wham! does it best, but this is certainly better than Taylor Swift's cover. Sorry, but it's true.
Good Job, Ariana

Normally, most remakes suck, but this was actually good!

Sure, Wham! does it best, but this is certainly better than Taylor Swift's cover. Sorry, but it's true.

I know this site is geared more towards teenage girls, but I also think some twenty-somethings can get good advice here. I certainly like this better than Cosmo or any of the other "women's magazines."

This article in particular stood out to me. It has a list of 12 pieces of horrible relationship advice. The things they list are so true and I don't know why the bullshit gets perpetuated. I'm gonna go through this list to show that these people know what they're talking about.

1. Don't Let Someone's Relationship Stop You From Going After Them
"Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score!" Yeah, always great to advise someone to go for someone who is taken and get them to cheat on their significant other.
I've unfortunately heard this in real life, and it's the worst. If someone is already in a relationship, back off. Don't pursue them anyway. They're dating someone! They're not yours to take!

Ugh! Not only that, doesn't the thirsty hoe who's trying to pursue the person in a relationship stop to think that maybe they would cheat on them too if they can do that to the person they're currently with? Evidently not.

2. Snoop Through His Stuff If You Don't Trust Him
"You should look through his phone."
No. Snooping is a bad idea, will only make your trust issues worse, and can ruin a relationship. Don't do it. If you don't trust him, talk to him, or end things.

I agree completely. They took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard, rather).

3. Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry
"Love means never having to say you're sorry." ...what? No it doesn't.
Where did this quote come from and why is it so popular? Of course you have to say you're sorry sometimes, no matter how in love you are. This is absurd.

Who perpetuates this? Ugh! Once again, the person replying to it takes the words right out of my mouth.

4. You're In Charge Because You Have The Vagina
A girl I have now dumped as a friend told me that I needed to make sure I have my boyfriend securely under my heel and to quash any 'uppity' behavior from him because 'we have vaginas and they want the vagina so we're in charge'.
No one is in charge in a relationship, no matter what kind of genitals they have. A relationship isn't about control, it's about working together.

Ugh! What kind of misandric freak thinks like the advice piece? I get it. Historically, men have been more dominating because of social conditioning. However, that is not a reason to want to turn the tables. Rather, teach them about how to treat their partner as an equal. They're right. A relationship isn't about having control over the other person. It's about loving one another and working together.

Play Hard To Get
5. "Play hard to get!" NO. NOOOOOOOO. NO NO NO. DO NOT DO THAT. You get a text? Answer it when you can, whether it's right away or once you're off work. Missed call? Call back when you can. Interested in a person? SHOW IT. I had a friend who, when I got a text from A guy, said "Don't text back for 48 hours." Just...what? Why?
You can be a little mysterious, but playing the hard to get game too much will only confuse the person you're "flirting" with and probably ruin your chances of anything happening. Honesty is always better.

I hate hate hate this one!! This definitely stems from teaching women to be coy and to not express themselves. And they wonder why men and women have difficulty communicating sometimes. Smh. Plus, doesn't it just scream rape culture? This is the sort of thing that makes some guys (not all) think that a genuine "no" or "I'm not interested" means they have to keep trying until she gives in. Not cool.

6. Lower Your Standards If You Can't Meet Anyone
The night before my older sister's wedding she told me that I should lower my standards so that I, too, could get married. Yikes.
If your standards are that you want a real-life prince who has billions of dollars, then yes, lower them. Otherwise, don't. You should never settle for anyone you're not into just to be in a relationship.

This person who responded to it clarified it perfectly. It's okay to have standards, but they have to be realistic and not based on some insane fantasy.

7. Accept That Men Cheat
After I got cheated on by my ex, my mom told me "It's no big deal. Men cheat." I was so heartbroken and kept crying and she suggested I get back together with him. She's the kinda woman who thinks that men can do whatever they want, and women should stay virgins until marriage (funny that she thinks that because she got knocked up before getting married). I love her, but she has serious some issues.
I have heard someone say that we just need to accept the fact that men cheat, and it made me so angry I almost broke a blood vessel. You don't have to accept that anyone cheats, because cheating is selfish and wrong. And if you do, you just make their behavior okay. Accepting and forgiving are different things.

I agree. I wouldn't put up with cheating for one minute. If someone cheated on me, they would be out the fucking door so fast!

8. Have A Baby or Get Married To Solve Problems
I was moaning about how it sucked being a starving uni student with two jobs and my aunt suggested I "Have a baby. You'll get some benefits if you get a guy to knock you up." A total "DAFUQ is wrong with you?!!?" moment, that was.
Don't do this. Never do this. A baby will not solve your problems, ever. I also once heard an old lady say to a friend, "Why are you so stressed about school? Just marry young and be a housewife." WHY.

This one drives me up a fucking wall! This one was why I originally thought I was gonna post this in my Childfree-Club, but I decided to post it here because the main focus is on relationships. Not babies and relationships. However, this one definitely will be in my group as a deviation.

Anyway, back to my commentary. They are absolutely right. Babies do not fix anything. If anything, they make things 10 times harder than they are. Furthermore, to add to this bad advice, I have read about some women telling each other to trick their boyfriends or husbands into getting them pregnant without their knowledge! How messed up is that? Grown ass women telling each other to oops the guy! Ugh!!

9. Dumb Yourself Down So You're Not Intimidating
I was at a Starbucks studying and I over heard a conversation between a (maybe) 16 year old daughter and her mom, the girl was compiling about how no boys like her… to which the mom replies, It's because you're too smart, it's scares them… Pretend to be dumb. I was like.
If you're smart, own it. If someone won't date with you because they're intimidated by how smart you are, that someone is really, really lame. Never play dumb for anyone.

I find it absolutely appalling that a mother would encourage her daughter to act dumb so boys would like her! Her mother is supposed to be teaching her to be an intelligent, strong woman and this is not helping! A real stand up guy would not be intimidated by a woman's intelligence!

10. Don't Ever Admit To Your Mistakes
A coworker once told me, "Don't ever admit your mistakes to your subordinates..." I have no respect for people who refuse to admit their own mistakes.
This one is about work, but it applies to relationships as well. I've heard people say not to admit mistakes because it makes you look weak. Well, I think admitting to your mistakes makes you seem strong and confident. If you can't admit you were wrong, you'll never make it in a relationship.

They forgot that it also encourages narcissism.

11.Wait It Out If You're Unhappy
: You'll learn to love it. Doesn't work with the career choices, doesn't work with choosing who to marry. Hear this a lot in people advising on going for the safe choices.
If a relationship isn't making you happy, don't wait around until you get used to it enough to stay forever. That's ridiculous! Again, no settling.

Plenty of Scary Mommy confessions have shown me that "waiting it out" leads to misery. Plus, I can speak from personal experience from a past relationship (not my current bf. My ex). Waiting things out didn't make it better. Thank God I wasn't married to my ex, so it was easy for me to break it off. I have said this before, and this is gonna sound bitchy, but dumping my ex was my 21st birthday gift to myself.

12. Take Advice From Yahoo Answers
After pouring my troubles out to a close friend she told me "You should ask what to do on Yahoo Answers. They give really good advice." Completely seriously.
Have you guys learned nothing from reading Yahoo Answers advice can be from ANYONE. Don't ever assume it's legit.

Believe me. Yahoo! Answers is the absolute worst! It's so bad, it's become a meme. Lol

So yeah. These are the 12 pieces of horrible relationship advice. Any comments?
I have to say, as flawed as the mobile app is, I will say one thing they have down pat. The submission process is a hell of a lot smoother than the submission process on the mobile site. Good job on that dA! :iconthumbsupplz:

Now, if only they had editing features on the mobile app.
Submissions on Mobile App
I have to say, as flawed as the mobile app is, I will say one thing they have down pat. The submission process is a hell of a lot smoother than the submission process on the mobile site. Good job on that dA! :iconthumbsupplz:

Now, if only they had editing features on the mobile app.
Thomas and Kanina had hung out a few times as friends with Mordecai, CJ, Rigby, and Eileen. They went bowling together, they went go-karting, and they even experienced a few adventures thanks to Mordecai and Rigby's shenanigans.

The group noticed the obvious chemistry between Thomas and Kanina.  When Thomas and Kanina weren't around at the park, the group were coming up with a plan to get Thomas and Kanina to spill their feelings each other.

"We gotta do something about Thomas and Nina." said Mordecai.

"Yeah." said Rigby in agreement. "It's obvious those two got it going on, but they're too scared to say anything."

"I've got it!" said CJ with a snap. "Why don't we take them to the theme park where Mordecai and I got together? It'll be perfect. Let's just hope that crazy guy from Couple Corral won't come back."

"Haha yeah." said Mordecai as he reminisced about what happened that crazy day. "Good times."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." said Eileen.

"Okay, so here's what we're gonna do...."began CJ.

Later that day..

Thomas' phone goes off. He looks down and sees there's a text.

"hey do you wanna come to the theme park with Rigby and I?"-M

"Sure. When?"- T

"At 5 tonight?"- M

"Okay. See you then."-T

Hmm hmm. Got him. thought Mordecai after being satisfied with Thomas's response. Just then, he starts so send another text.

"Phase 1 is complete. He's coming to the park."-M

"Excellent. Now to begin Phase 2. Eileen will take Kanina shopping for a new outfit at 2:30."-CJ

CJ goes to her messages to get to Eileen in her contacts.

"Phase 1 is complete. Time to begin phase 2. Take Kanina shopping. And make sure she doesn't semen this message."-CJ

"OMG! No! I meant see!!*"-CJ

"OMG! Lolololol xD"-E
"Okay. I'm taking her now. We'll be at H&M."-E

"You might wanna delete the message so she can't see it. That was a pretty damn embarrassing autocorrect."-CJ

"I already screen capped it before deleting it. Lol"-E

"-_-' Just take her shopping and let me know what you picked!"-CJ

"Copy that."-E
The Goat, The Rabbit, and The Spy - Chapter 6
Here it is! The next chapter! What's really cool is the fact that once I'm done with work, I'm done for the day and there's no homework! :dummy:

Anyway, here's chapter 6. Looks like the quartet have something planned for Thomas and Kanina. Just what could it be? ;)

Kanina belongs to (c) :iconchingchongchong:

Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, Thomas, and CJ belong to JG Quintel

I remember when this was popular, but lookin at it now, I can see why parents were appalled back then.

Horrible lyrics! I guess the dancing is okay, but the lyrics suck!

Normally, most remakes suck, but this was actually good!

Sure, Wham! does it best, but this is certainly better than Taylor Swift's cover. Sorry, but it's true.


United States
I'm LadyIronBat, just call me Lady for short. I love being here on dA looking at the different art, reading fanfiction and fan comics, and the people here are pretty cool. I hope to be a fashion designer one day.

Until then, I just practice practice practice.

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