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It's pretty sad that Wet Seal is closing. :(
I'm out and about and I'm a little tipsy. Lol
We once had a movement for the betterment of women,
But it's been watered down and defanged because of neoliberalism.

Now there is no solidarity,
Leaving us disconnected with the rest of womanity.

We have to learn to put ourselves and each other first.
Because otherwise we'll just continue to be put on the back burner

The neoliberal left has become just like the right.
Anyone who dares disagree, they will gaslight.

They're even taking away the ability to define what a woman is.
Which is also affecting lesbians.

Wake up, sisters! Let's unite!
Especially under this rule, we're gonna need to fight!
Wake up, Sisters!
This was inspired by the Juice media rap news videos and some of the radical feminist YouTube videos I've been watching and some blogs I've been reading. These are some of the things that we're dealing with and reminded me why I liked the 2nd wave better.
I want a woman president some day,
But I don't want Her.

I want a strong female leader who has the country's best interest at heart,
But it's not Her.

I want someone who will move us forward and not be beholden to big corporate interests.
This is why I was never with Her.

She would've been a disgrace to any self respecting woman. She doesn't represent me. She threw other women under the bus.
This is why I was never with Her.
Never Her
One thing that pissed me off was the Hillbots who got mad at women who refused to vote for Hillary. What they don't understand is that we know we didn't want Hillary to represent us. She did not have our interests at heart and was a corporate handmaiden. That's why I didn't want her.

I literally can't stop farting right now. I think it was that stupid poke bowl.


United States
I am IronBatMaiden. I've been making fan art and fanfiction for over 10 years now. I want to get into product design one day so I can make all the cool merchandise the fans love for their respective fandoms. :) and when I do, I want to ensure the best quality is delivered.
I know the title alone will get me some hate, but please hear me out. Arielle recently made a video about how Trans activists were jumping down her throat because she stated that she is only attracted to females

As you guys know, I've become a radfem. Many don't like us, but that's okay. The thing is, this issue of trans women demanding that lesbians sleep with them has been going on for a few years. I don't know if you've heard of this, but there's a phenomenon known as the "cotton ceiling" going on. Basically, it's saying that you're a bigot or a transphobe for not sleeping with someone because they're trans. If you're a lesbian, you will be told that not being attracted to penis is "bigoted" or "discriminatory" by some trans activists. How gross and rapey is that!?

In the comment section, there were a lot of decent trans people who denounced this cotton ceiling bullshit that morons like Riley J. Dennis were trying to spew. But there are some morons who made response videos still calling her a transphobe, even if she still believes that trans women are women. 

There's no appeasing them. This is one of the issues that radical feminists have with trans activists. And this is one of many. 
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